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Bamboo Removal

Bamboo is a very invasive, destructive species. It has a fast growth rate and can rapidly spread beneath tarmac, patios, decking and paving. Root systems can even spread to neighbouring properties and in extreme cases, invade your home through weak bricks, mortar or drainage. 

After establishing a solid root system, bamboo can be relentless and is best removed at the earliest opportunity. Rhizomes can often intersect with the roots of other shrubs and trees, which can cause further issues. Entangled tree roots may cause stability issues or a decline in tree health, meaning further costs down the line. 

We excavate any plants that have been heavily impacted by the bamboo roots to fully remove the infestation and prevent further spread. Our professional team will thoroughly remove all signs of a bamboo infestation and treat any recurrences free of charge. 

Get in touch today for professional bamboo removal in Norfolk.

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Method of Removal

We offer mechanical excavation as the most effective method to remove bamboo. Successful removal of this species and its root system can be complex due to its durability, but our knowledgeable team will work with you to eradicate the problem and offer free returns for any regrowth.

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What are rhizomes?

Rhizomes play a crucial role in the spread and reproduction of bamboo plants. They are stems that grow horizontally underground, with the ability to produce buds that can grow new bamboo shoots. Rhizome systems makee complete bamboo extraction extremely difficult, as the new shoots can grow even when severed from the original plant. 

Rest assured that we have the professional gear and experience to completely remove bamboo infestations and prevent damage to your property.

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Waste Disposal

For smaller jobs, we can safely remove green waste from your property using a certified waste management company to responsibly dispose of the bamboo. For larger projects, it’s best for you arrange your waste disposal via skip for flexibility for collection and delivery. 

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Narrow Access

When access for bamboo extraction is limited, we can often find a way around it! We have the narrowest excavator on the market, meaning we can navigate through garages and side passageways. Getting our machinery to the site means that we can work on the job a lot more time effectively as opposed to manual labour or alternative methods.

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Removal Guarantee

We guarantee all of our works for one year for your peace of mind. If you spot bamboo regrowth, we’ll return to remove it – free of charge. 


FAQ about our removal services

Is bamboo hard to remove?

Bamboo is extremely difficult to remove without the appropriate industry equipment. Cutting down the stalk may be a temporary fix, but eventually, regrowth and spread will occur, risking damage to your property. Invasive root systems also make bamboo very durable and immune to herbicide treatments. It’s best to consult an expert for bamboo infestation to protect your property and to prevent further spread beneath the ground.

How much do bamboo extraction services cost?

The cost of bamboo removal depends on the location, property access and the severity of the infestation. Arrange a free, no obligation site visit so that we can provide you with a quotation.

How do you control bamboo in your garden?

The best way to control bamboo infestation in your garden is to remove it, or avoid planting it in the first place – even ‘clumping bamboo’ varieties can spread over time. In the worst case scenario, you can remove stray rhizomes to prevent further spread from the main plant. Pots and barriers often prove ineffective, as they are not strong enough to withstand the force of the root systems, and end up broken or damaged. Long story short, it may look wonderfully exotic, but planting bamboo can often be more trouble than it’s worth. If your bamboo has grown out of control, contact us to assist with extraction today.

Can bamboo roots grow through concrete?

When spreading, bamboo is strong enough to gradually push concrete out of place and grow through the cracks formed over time. This can cause more severe issues such as ground heave – which left untreated can lift your property and cause serious damage.

How will you leave the bamboo extraction site?

As standard, we will always level the area as best we can with the soil that is retained from removal. If preferred, we can refill the area with top spoil at an additional cost. We can also consult on substrate materials needed to flatten out the area for hard installations such as summer houses or patios. (We can advise on this but do not offer the service directly.)

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Responded quickly and provided good value estimate. Agreed dates for work and both jobs (tree removed and hedge reduced) done as agreed, efficiently and professionally. Will be recommending to others.

Paul Gilbert

Really good company, very reliable, came and removed quite a few stumps from our woodland very quickly and efficiently, and careful about not doing damage to the surrounding area. Highly recommended, we will use them again.

Jane Polden

I would recommend this company to anyone they have just taken 7 large poplar trees down for us. Arrived as arranged, a pleasure to have in our garden for several days, then left the site neat and tidy.

Mia Potter

A great company and excellent service, they were brilliant from quote to completion and would definitely use again!

Nathan Modlin

Very impressed with Dr Stump; quick, professional, courteous, tidy and VERY good at what they do! – Very impressed with the way they work and the amount they can get done in a short time. – Highly recommended.

Paul Hallatt

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