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Stump Grinding throughout East Anglia

Our team is fully qualified and insured for tree stump removal in Norwich, they are able to work around hard to reach areas, confined spaces and on difficult terrain including marshland, banks and unstable ground.

Tree stumps are removed using a stump grinder which grinds the stump into chippings, effectively destroying the tree root. We use the latest narrow access equipment for stump removal and surface roots with minimal amount of ground disturbance.

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Low Waste

The waste from the stump removal process naturally mixes with the soil, this is left on site to back fill the hole with. We advise not to remove it from the site so as to protect other sites from the transfer of pathogens. However, we can dispose of arising at an added cost, this would be separate on your quotation.

How We Carry Out Stump Removal

Using state of the art machinery, we take the height of the stump to the depth below the surface which is required, usually 30cm (1ft) beneath ground level. We always remove the whole of the root ball to prevent regrowth. Where appropriate, we use protective boarding and other equipment to protect and prevent scattered chippings, leaving the area clean and clear.

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Eco Friendly

We are certified to protect the natural environment and we use ecologically friendly fuels and lubricants including ASPEN fuels.

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Low Waste

The chippings are mixed with the soil and this ‘mulch’ can be used in and around the garden or disposed of at a later date. we do not remove from site unless specified by the client.

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Modern Machinery

Our machinery is maintained to the highest safety and operational standards and is serviced daily. meaning a safer environment for our operatives and less downtime and breakdowns.

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Honey Fungus

Honey fungus is prolific in the soil around us.
Removing the stump with a stump grinder doesn’t kill the fungus.
Stump grinding only removes the stump and root ball, leaving the roots of the tree in situ.
Fungi will still feed on this decaying wood of the roots and produce fruiting bodies from it.
There is no 100% effective treatment for honey fungus.
Chemical treatment is detrimental to the affected area and is unsuccessful at eliminating the problem.

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Ready for replanting

Whether replanting or reseeding We grind the tree stumps and surface roots so the area is left ready for or further redevelopment. a service we also offer!

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Quick, Professional and Efficient

We can remove the smallest to the largest of stumps and perform stump grinding in Norwich,  our prices are dependent on the location, size and number of stumps to be removed.


FAQ about tree root removal

What happens to the chippings that are left?

When we’ve complete the stump grinding any chippings that are created will eventually rot down and release nitrogen back into the soil. Chippings make an excellent mulch, creating a protective layer and slowly releasing moisture back into the ground.

How much does it cost?

Our minimum charge is £75+ VAT but all prices are site and job specific. We offer quotations for your convenience. For a speedy response contact our team via Whatsapp with photos and further details and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Do I need to be at home?

No, if you’re happy for us to gain access to your garden, we require no power, water etc from the site and are fully self-sufficient.

Will the tree re-grow after being ground down?

Depending on the species of tree, some can regrow if not removed properly. We always remove the root ball to eliminate this problem. However, we offer a free recall service just in case!

I have a stump that is right up against a wall?

Whilst most stumps can be removed within a few millimetres of a wall without damaging the brickwork, it is not always possible to get the root system out due to the footing.

How much mess will be left?

We always tidy up after the job is complete, there will only be the arisings left on site in a heap where the tree once grew. Most of the time the area is flat as the grindings go back in the hole.

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Responded quickly and provided good value estimate. Agreed dates for work and both jobs (tree removed and hedge reduced) done as agreed, efficiently and professionally. Will be recommending to others.

Paul Gilbert

Really good company, very reliable, came and removed quite a few stumps from our woodland very quickly and efficiently, and careful about not doing damage to the surrounding area. Highly recommended, we will use them again.

Jane Polden

I would recommend this company to anyone they have just taken 7 large poplar trees down for us. Arrived as arranged, a pleasure to have in our garden for several days, then left the site neat and tidy.

Mia Potter

A great company and excellent service, they were brilliant from quote to completion and would definitely use again!

Nathan Modlin

Very impressed with Dr Stump; quick, professional, courteous, tidy and VERY good at what they do! – Very impressed with the way they work and the amount they can get done in a short time. – Highly recommended.

Paul Hallatt

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