Sustainability in Tree Surgery

We’re passionate about the environment and always ensuring the work we conduct is sustainable. Whenever possible we choose options that enable us to work in an environmentally friendly way, from using sustainable fuels to encouraging a management plan to encourage natural habitat to form. It’s important to us that we leave areas in a clean manner to allow for nature to take its course. 

There’s several processes we implement to allow us to push towards a greener future. Want to find out more? Read below. 

Sustainable fuels

When using petrol machinery or have prolonged exposure to petrol emissions it is important to consider your use of fuel. All our tree surgeons use Aspen Alkylate petrol – this is the cleanest form of petrol available today and is why we choose Aspen Fuels to run our machinery. Not only is this more eco friendly it also allows our machines to run at their optimum performance. Using products from companies such as Aspen whose endeavours align with our trajectory is important to us to push to a greener future.

Latest machinery

We choose to use the latest machinery to reduce the amount of emissions emitted whilst working, not only does this make work more efficient but older machines tend to kick out more CO2. We also use hiring companies such as ArbLease to ensure we have access to the latest spec, allowing machinery to be used across sectors. 

Supporting Wildlife Conservation

We’re pleased to support local conversation charities which allow for replanting and preservation of wildlife. We live and breathe nature so it’s important that we’re able to support our local community with conservation. We also install bat boxes where possible and provide estate owners with advice on how to best encourage wildlife. 

 Tree Pest & Disease Identification & Advice

If your tree is showing signs of disease or pests then it’s important to get this identified as       soon as possible. Our team is experienced in identifying signs of pests and disease and can issue a plan of action. 

Tree planting

Whilst the nature of our job does require the removal of trees, just as much of our role as arborists is planting trees. Part of the rejuvenation of an area will often benefit from new tree stock to be planted. We can assist in all aspects of tree maintenance from planting, felling and removal. 

Whether you’re looking to have a tree stump removed, looking for advise on a TPO or simply looking for advice on a dangerous tree you can be assured we’re always looking for the most sustainable solutions. Contact a member of our team to discuss your situation and we’ll supply you with a free no obligation quote on 01603 358778.

man up tree

Responded quickly and provided good value estimate. Agreed dates for work and both jobs (tree removed and hedge reduced) done as agreed, efficiently and professionally. Will be recommending to others.

Paul Gilbert

Really good company, very reliable, came and removed quite a few stumps from our woodland very quickly and efficiently, and careful about not doing damage to the surrounding area. Highly recommended, we will use them again.

Jane Polden

I would recommend this company to anyone they have just taken 7 large poplar trees down for us. Arrived as arranged, a pleasure to have in our garden for several days, then left the site neat and tidy.

Mia Potter

A great company and excellent service, they were brilliant from quote to completion and would definitely use again!

Nathan Modlin

Very impressed with Dr Stump; quick, professional, courteous, tidy and VERY good at what they do! – Very impressed with the way they work and the amount they can get done in a short time. – Highly recommended.

Paul Hallatt

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