Why You Should Be Using an ARB Approved Tree Surgeon

Trees not only enhance the beauty of our surroundings but also play crucial roles in ecosystems and property aesthetics. This means we need to collectively work to care for and correctly manage these trees when they’re damaged or need maintenance. By using an ARB approved tree surgeon for this, you can rest assured you’re using the best and getting the best for your trees. 

What is an ARB Approved Tree Surgeon?

ArbAc approved tree surgeons represent the gold standard in the field of tree care and Arboriculture. The Arboriculture Association itself even defines an ARB approved contractor as the following:

 “ARB Approved Contractor is the only comprehensive accreditation scheme for professional tree surgery businesses in the United Kingdom. Becoming an Approved Contractor demonstrates the ability and desire of your business to work to best practice, achieve higher levels of knowledge and skill, and your ambition to promote and raise the professional standards of the industry.” 

Essentially, Tree Surgeon professionals, accredited by organisations such as the Arboricultural Association, possess the expertise and qualifications necessary to ensure the full health and safety of trees on and around your property.

Benefits of using an ARB Approved Tree Surgeon

Professional Expertise

To become an ARB approved contractor, tree surgeons must undergo rigorous certification processes, ensuring they have the necessary qualifications to handle various aspects of tree management. With in-depth knowledge of tree biology, pruning techniques, and safety protocols, approved contractors can accurately assess the health of trees and provide appropriate treatments with specialist equipment.  

By putting your tree maintenance needs to an ARB approved tree surgeon, you can rest assured that your trees are in capable hands, receiving the highest level of care and attention they deserve.

Safety Assurance

One of the biggest reasons people opt for an ARB approved tree surgeon is the unwavering assurance of safety. Being ARB approved, tree surgeons have to adhere to strict safety standards and regulations which prioritise the well-being of both themselves and the surrounding environment. By minimising the risks associated with tree work, they can greatly reduce potential hazards such as falling branches or accidents during tree removal. 

Lesser qualified tree surgeons or those looking to do DIY tree work can pose significant dangers, especially for those lacking proper training and equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

ARB approved tree surgeons will always prioritise environmental sustainability in their practices. Their deep understanding of local tree species and ecosystems, allows them to tailor their services to preserve and enhance the natural environment. By employing sustainable tree management techniques, such as proper pruning and preservation methods, they help maintain biodiversity and promote the health of urban green spaces.

Fully Regulated

Being well-versed in BS3998 regulations in tree maintenance, ARB approved tree surgeons guarantee that all work is conducted within legal parameters. From obtaining necessary permissions for tree work to adhering to safety standards and documentation requirements, they handle all aspects of legal compliance with precision and diligence. 

Additionally, by carrying liability insurance coverage, they can provide protection for both themselves and their clients against any unforeseen accidents or damages. 

Long-Term Benefits

By investing in professional tree care, you can ensure not only the preservation of your property’s value and aesthetics but also contribute to a healthier, more vibrant landscape. In addition, having professional tree care can help to prevent potential hazards and property damage caused by neglected or improperly maintained trees, saving you large call-out or emergency tree surgery charges in the future.

Norfolk’s Leading ARB Approved Tree Surgeon

As ARB approved tree surgeons, we offer a wide range of services, from routine pruning to emergency tree removal, all conducted with precision and adherence to strict safety standards. So, if you’re looking for the highest quality, fully regulated and safe tree surgery in and around Norfolk, get in touch! Our team at Dr Stump are on hand to help you with any tree-related queries, concerns or removals. Just fill in our simple online form or reach out on WhatsApp for a quick quote.  

If you’re looking for comparative quotations, make sure you select other ArbAc companies as this is the only way you will get true comparative quotations. Those that don’t follow AA’s guidance will be lacking in knowledge and safety and this will reflect in their quotation price. Remember, cheaper isn’t always best!

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Responded quickly and provided good value estimate. Agreed dates for work and both jobs (tree removed and hedge reduced) done as agreed, efficiently and professionally. Will be recommending to others.

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Really good company, very reliable, came and removed quite a few stumps from our woodland very quickly and efficiently, and careful about not doing damage to the surrounding area. Highly recommended, we will use them again.

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I would recommend this company to anyone they have just taken 7 large poplar trees down for us. Arrived as arranged, a pleasure to have in our garden for several days, then left the site neat and tidy.

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A great company and excellent service, they were brilliant from quote to completion and would definitely use again!

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Very impressed with Dr Stump; quick, professional, courteous, tidy and VERY good at what they do! – Very impressed with the way they work and the amount they can get done in a short time. – Highly recommended.

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