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tree surgery in norfolk

When it comes to building and development, a main factor into any planning application are...

surgery tree surgery

We’re passionate about the environment and always ensuring the work we conduct is sustainable. Whenever...

Bleeding Canker of Horse Chestnut

Bleeding Canker of Horse Chestnut (Pseudomonas syringae pathovar aesculi) is a disease that hugely affects...

large tree services in norfolk

Here in Norfolk we have a number of different types of tree specimens that are...

ivy covered tree in Norfolk

Common ivy is an evergreen shrub which is native to Britain, as well as indigenous...

summer branch drop

‘Summer branch drop’ is the term that describes the failure of mature branches with no...

bat roost and tree works

Throughout the UK, many species of native bats utilise trees in numerous ways; with trees...

Dr stump vehicle

In accordance to Natural England, bird nesting season officially starts from February until August. However,...

Common Ash tree infected with Hymenoscyphus fraxineus

Biosecurity in tree work is all about protecting trees from various pests and pathogens. Tree pests...

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Very impressed with Dr Stump; quick, professional, courteous, tidy and VERY good at what they do! – Very impressed with the way they work and the amount they can get done in a short time. – Highly recommended.

Paul Hallatt

Really good company, very reliable, came and removed quite a few stumps from our woodland very quickly and efficiently, and careful about not doing damage to the surrounding area. Highly recommended, we will use them again.

Jane Polden

I would recommend this company to anyone they have just taken 7 large poplar trees down for us. Arrived as arranged, a pleasure to have in our garden for several days, then left the site neat and tidy.

Mia Potter

A great company and excellent service, they were brilliant from quote to completion and would definitely use again!

Nathan Modlin

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